Employee Sharing

As a professional employer organization (PEO), we share your employees in a relationship that shifts the administrative burden of managing employees, certain risks, and liabilities. But nothing changes in the way you manage their day-to-day activities. That means we remove all of the risk of managing a workforce while you still get all the benefits of their talents.

What Is Employee Sharing?

To put it simply, when you work with PMI, we co-lease your employees. It is a relationship that helps you shift the liability of managing people to HR experts who are available to you when you need us. Essentially, you still gain all the productivity of your workforce but no longer have to worry about the non-revenue-generating activities associated with employing people.

PMI’s Approach

PMI treats shared employees as if they were our own employees. Looking out for your employees’ best interests doesn’t end with picking a benefits package, for instance. We provide caring, tireless support that will solve any issues, big or small.

PMI could not treat our employees any better and, in fact, PMI is able to respond to any HR-related issue from our employees much better than our company could.”

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